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How To Get Dolby ACCESS for Free windows 10

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

In this tutorial, I am going to How To Get Dolby ACCESS for Free windows 10


★Link for WinRar :

★Link for dolby atmos (must read DETAILS first before downloading)


★ If link(1) driver or app is not working try link (2)(most compatible), choose link(3) only for x64 based

★ Link (2) is the most compatible so if link(1) or (3) doesn't work always try link(2) it works for almost all

★ Links (2) contain 2 versions Dolby advanced audio and Dolby home theatre version choose anyone

★ Link (3) contains 2 versions Dolby Atmos basic(normal edition) and gaming (special edition) choose anyone


Download Links

★ Link(1): Click here

★ Link(2) (if other links don't work or no sound use this) :  Click here

★ Link(3) for x64 system: Click here

★ Always update your main audio driver 



★if the app fails to open then you have update the wrong driver ★in short if you are unsure try updating different audio drivers one by one and evantually you will find the right one

★if you want to roll back to the original driver just click update~choose automatically from online or uninstall the driver and troubleshoot or restart if none work search in google

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